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Professional Floating Chlorinators


Floating Chlorinator (MP-1929MA)

The MP Industries Floating Chlorinator for Swimming Pools uses 3" chlorine tablets and is fully adjustable. It is made of high impact, chemically resistant plastic and sports a built-in hooking device on the side that can be anchored with a 6' rope which is supplied with the unit. MP-1929MA comes in 3 colors: Blue/White, Dark Gray/Light Gray and Dark Tan/Light Tan.


Tropical Feeder (1973-E)

This Floating Chemical Dispenser is constructed of high impact polystyrene plastic, for durability and years of trouble-free service. The Tropical floating chemical dispenser is fully adjustable and will dispense tri-chlor chlorine tablets or bromine tablets up to 1 3/8" diameter. The adjustable gate control is enhanced by the vented full-flow design. The refill access cap allows the reloading of tablets without affecting the gate setting. Now in four colors: Blue, Tan, Gray and Green. For easy, trouble free chemical maintenance of your Spa or Hot Tub, use the Tropical Floating Chemical Dispenser.

Floating Chlorinator (MP-517)

Deluxe exrtra large 3" tablet dispenser. Will hold up to 9 tablets.



Economy Floating Chlorinators


Economy Chemical Dispenser (MP-271)


Economy Extra Large 3" Tablet Dispenser (MP-1940)


Economy 3" Tablet Dispenser (MP-1939)




Animal Thermometers (MP-083)

Comes in bulk, hangers, display or skin pack.


•  Shark

•  Octopus

•  Whale

•  Dolphin

•  Killer Whale

•  Fish

•  Alligator

•  Pelican

•  Duck

•  Sea Dragon

•  Crab

•  Turtle


Clear View Floating or Submersible Thermometers


Clear view floating or submersible thermometer with removable floating top (MP-080)

Available in skin pack.


Economy Thermometer (MP-35L)

String Thermometer (MP-1951M)

Floating Thermometer (MP-1948D)

Deluxe Chrome Plated Brass Tube Thermometer (MP-088)

Comes in skin pack.

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